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I am SO happy you are here! 
I started photography a few years back but have officially decided to start blogging and telling my story as I meet wonderful people in this business.

The beginning.

Modern. Polished. Bright.
These three words summarize my style. I am passionate about photography, but I am also passionate about documenting moments of raw and natural life and love, and creating beautiful story art.    

One of my first sessions was newborn family portraits in the family's new home. We had a few posed photos and then the fussing started -- as the mom and dad apologized, I was more than happy to wait it out, but in that moment, I found so much beauty as these two new parents worked together to try to calm down their baby girl. In fact, these ended up being my favorite photos of the session as I captured them laying their calming hands on this tiny baby girl, and I'm so happy that I continued to take these candid photos in the meantime! This was the start of my journey. Each session is different, and you never know what will happen, but I believe that makes all the difference... that and having a positive attitude, patience and just going with the flow... That is lifestyle photography.  

Therefore, my photos tell a consistent story, but each one unique. "Modern, Polished, and Bright." My consistent shooting style values natural features without over-editing, and clean, crisp lines (modern). I value “pre photo editing”-- careful positioning and framing before I snap a photo which also means less editing in the end and faster turn around rate for you to receive your photos (polished). Lastly, I value a clear and bright photo that highlights the features of my subject ideally in natural light (Bright).
I look forward to meeting you and helping you tell your story.

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p.s. I can't help but introduce Luna, the little heart breaker!